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Neglecting gutter cleaning may result in dirt, moss, leaves, and stick buildup. Call So Clean Home gutter cleaning services Surrey, BC, to clean your gutter professionally.

Best Gutter Cleaning Services in Surrey, British Columbia

Do you need a fast, convenient, professional gutter cleaning service in Surrey, BC or nearby? Look no further! At So Clean, our friendly crew of experts are not just another cleaning service. Our goal is to relieve homeowners of some of the burden associated with outside maintenance and upkeep by providing them with a thorough gutter cleaning service that begins with a thorough inspection. So why hold off? Give us a call to see the So Clean difference for yourself!

Welcome to So Clean, the best gutter cleaning Surrey, BC. We prevent damage to your house with our gutter cleaning services. The amount of rain in this area is impossible to dispute! For residences on the lower mainland, gutter cleaning is a crucial component of routine maintenance because there are 199.4 days of precipitation annually. Proudly serving Surrey, we strive to provide our industry’s most trusted, professional and reliable rain gutter cleaning service.

The Benefits of Professionally Cleaning Your Gutter System

The benefits of gutter cleaning include mosquito and pest repellents, flood protection, and even preventing water damage to your home’s foundation, siding, soffits, and roofline. All of these factors increase the usefulness of your home. When water builds up within the sewers, mosquitoes and other insects breed and can spread various diseases.

Gutter cleaning is more than merely clearing out garbage. If done incorrectly by an inexperienced individual, it can result in mishaps and damage to your house. This job is risky because it involves using a ladder, which is the main reason for injuries at home. That means you require expert gutter cleaning.

The finest people to handle our team are those who are highly skilled and have complete insurance.

●Prevent Damage and Erosion

 Water overflowing from your roof line and seeping into your soffits, siding, and foundation might result from a clogged gutter. This erosion and weakening of the soil can cause irreversible structural damage. Professionally, roof and gutter cleaning will keep your system functioning correctly, saving you time and money.

●Improve Your Home’s Visual Appeal

Although professional gutter cleaning services aren’t meant to be aesthetically pleasing, they have the added benefit of enhancing your home’s overall appearance and increasing its functioning.

  • Prevent Insect and Pests

Stagnant water-clogged drains are a favourite breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests that can spread various diseases. Once all leaves, dirt, and debris have been cleared, an expert gutter cleaner ensures proper drainage.

●Avoid Accidents

Working on a ladder can be very dangerous, so it is the best left to our trained and insured professionals. Professional gutter cleaners can help you with commercial gutters installation.

 Call So Clean to clean gutters from the ground.

Why is gutter cleaning important?

Maintaining the functionality of your home’s drain system requires regular gutter cleaning in Surrey. Rainwater is collected in gutters and directed away from the foundation and roofing. If they become clogged with dirt, leaves, twigs, or other unwanted items, they may overflow and result in issues including water damage, leaks in the roof, foundation issues, and even flooding in the basement. Cleaning the gutters frequently in Surrey can prevent these problems and increase their lifespan.

Regularly cleaning your gutters will provide the following benefits:

  • Enhances the appearance and lifespan of your fascias and gutters and maintains the value of your property
  • Rain gutters keep your house or place of business safer from serious moisture issues.
  • Frequent maintenance helps to prevent the need for costly future repairs.
  • Strong cleaning with outstanding outcomes

Why Choose So Clean for Gutter Cleaning in Surrey?

Choose So Clean Home service for your gutters because we are the top-rated company in your area. Search for gutter cleaning companies in my area. We provide you with an experience and the best gutter solution. 

1.Having Experience in Gutter Cleaning

So Clean works over the year. Our team has a lot of experience in gutter cleaning in Surrey. We understand the environment of Surrey. Focusing on the environment, we know you need a regular gutter cleaning service. Please call us to serve you.

2.We Maintain Safety

Our Service is safety-focused. We strictly follow safety protocols while working in your residential area. We use heavy equipment, which is perfect for cleaning. Homeowners can also choose to clean their gutters, which can be dangerous and time-consuming. Hand over your risky work to So Clean.

3.Gutter cleaning costs

We provide commercial and residential gutter cleaning services. We offer different prices depending on work and labour. But our price gutter cleaning Surrey BC is affordable. Get a free quote to know about our price. Our commitment to transparency ensures that you know precisely what to expect regarding pricing, allowing you to make an informed decision.

4.Customized Solutions For Every Property

Recognizing the uniqueness of each property, we provide the best gutter-cleaning solutions. Whether it’s cleaning in Surrey or gutter maintenance for a commercial building, we carefully assess your gutters and create a cleaning plan for your specific needs. Our commitment to customized solutions ensures that your gutter receives the care our customers deserve.



we are extremely focused and driven company ,and our overall goal is to always achieved the best outcome for our clients. Get in touch  with us today to see what we can do for you.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I had James out the other day to clean my gutters. He answered all the questions I had, got the work done quickly and efficiently at a reasonable price. I will definitely be contacting him again for future services that I require

Heather W.

Maple Ridge, B.C.

I just had SoClean Home Services over to pressure wash concrete driveway and concrete paths as well as remove moss from roof and clean out gutters. James ******, the project manager and his associate did a fantastic job. I couldn’t be more pleased. They went the extra mile and made sure everything was cleaned up. Well worth the cost. My property has not looked so good in years! I am going to hire him to take care of some repairs as well.


Maple Ridge, B.C.

Great job, we have had So Clean do our windows twice and were completely satisfied. We also recommended So Clean to our two son in laws and he did a great job for them too.

Barney S

Maple Ridge, B.C.


Our window cleaning service costs $ 5$ per window pane and $ 2$ per window screen. For a standard home with around 40 panes on one side. The cost is 200 $ and 400 for exterior and interior cleaning. There is an additional charge of 25$ for approximately 15 screens.

Our window cleaning service includes both interior and exterior cleaning. We hand-clean the windows to ensure a clear and streak-free shine.

As mentioned, for a standard home, the cost of window cleaning is $ 5$ per window pane and $ 2$ per window screen. Both domestic services will cost 400$.

Yes, window cleaning is a time-consuming and potentially dangerous task. Our professional Maple Ridge is well-trained to handle this job efficiently.

We suggest you clean the windows regularly to maintain their appearance and functionality. The frequency depends on factors such as your location, weather, etc.

The frequency of professional window cleaning depends on various factors, including your location. We recommend washing your windows three times a year.

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