Christmas Lights Installation in Maple Ridge, BC

If you want to brighten your holiday, please call So clean Home Service. We provide you with seasonal-based quality service in Maple Ridge that is cost-effective. Welcome your festival with Christmas light installation. At So clean Home Services, we make your day memorable.

Importance of Professional Christmas Light Installation

When it’s Christmas time, most of us think about shopping and spending time with our family. They want to share greetings, meet with friends, exchange gifts, and be busy making dinner. Decoration of the house is a total hassle for them. Mainly, Christmas light installation which takes your decoration to the next level. You need professional Christmas Light installation services. To save time and be free from dangerous accidents, you need to get help from professional services. Professional services save you time and money and make your residential and commercial spaces elegant. So clean Home Services helps you choose the best winter holiday Christmas light installation package.

Why should you hire So Clean?

So Clean Home Service has many years of experience displaying Christmas lights in commercial and residential areas. We do residential Christmas light installation and commercial Christmas light installation.

Make your Divine Moment: There is little doubt that when it is time for celebration and people always want to do something out of the ordinary to honor and celebrate this day. The day become color full when a professional touch on it. Installing So Clean Christmas light make your day more joyous and colorful. So Clean professional team comes up with fresh, original solutions to make the surroundings appear holy. We give this endeavor everything we’ve got, working hard to get the most out of these times.

Everyone choice list: Christmas light installation is on everyone’s priority list on holiday. Everyone wants to make the day different from another day. In Maple Ridge, So clean home services customizes your home and office with the light of Christmas. We are on everyone’s choice list because we provide the best light stallion as well as light.

Brighten the landscape: If you live in Maple Ridge, just contact us to make your landscaping brighter. So clean Christmas light installation service in Maple Ridge will not only enlighten the souls of those for whom you are setting this up but may increase your happiness. We aim to witness our customer’s happy eyes.

Choose your light design: So clean Service provides our customer the option to choose their light. It is essential to choose an accurate size and color per square. Our expert team helps our clients choose the best light for installation.

Christmas Lights Installation in Maple Ridge, BC​

How Our Professional Christmas Lights Installation Works Process

Discover the seamless process of our expert Christmas lights installation services for both residential and commercial spaces. From planning and design to the dazzling final display, our dedicated team ensures a hassle-free experience that transforms your property into a festive wonderland.

Design the display of your dreams.

Our team will install
the lights.

We’ll come to take down your lights at the end of the season.

Next year, we’ll come back to reinstall them!

Our Services

Residential Christmas Light Installation

Elevating Your Home: Expert Residential Christmas Light Installation

Commercial Christmas Light Installation

Grow Your Business: Expert Commercial Christmas Light Installation

Holiday Christmas Light Installation

Brighten Your Holidays Ease: Expert Christmas Light Installation for a Festive Home!

Outdoor Christmas Light Installation

Transforming Your Outdoor Space: Expert Outdoor Christmas Light Installation

Permanent Christmas Light Installation

Elevate Your Holidays with Our Permanent Christmas Light Installation Services.

Professional Christmas Light Installation

Elevate Your Holiday Spirit: Expert Christmas Light Installation Done Right.

Planning Your Christmas Light Display

We make proper plans depending on your area. We select themes to display your light for Maple Ridge outdoor Christmas light installation. For the home Christmas light installation, we choose another theme. Both are different from each other. Our themes range from traditional to modern and whimsical to elegant. We select a color palette that compliments the theme and blends well with the surroundings.

Choosing the Right Christmas Lights

For Holiday Christmas light installation, you can explore various types of Christmas lights available in the market. You can use multiple lights such as LED, incandescent, plug-in, or battery power.

LED vs. Incandescent lights

LED lights are energy-efficient, efficient, and durable. LED lights come in various colours and sizes. Incandescent lights are more traditional. It takes more energy to use and has a short lifespan. Incandescent lights are less expensive than LED lights. But the bulbs become hotter to touch and burn out faster. To operate it, it costs more than LED.

So Clean Home Services helps you select the appropriate size and style of Christmas light for display.



we are extremely focused and driven company ,and our overall goal is to always achieved the best outcome for our clients. Get in touch  with us today to see what we can do for you.

Outdoor Christmas Light Safety Tips

At our Soclean Home service, make a plan with you about where you want to install your Christmas light. We maintain a safety process if it is for exterior Christmas light installation. We also ensure outdoor Christmas light installation tips if it is for outdoor use.

Outdoor Christmas light installation tips:

  • Our team ensures that waterproof lights are used outdoors to prevent electrical hazards.
  • Before decorating an outdoor area, never raise ladders or extend objects near power lines. Keep your wiring and extension in secure cords.
  • Make sure that your Christmas lights are safety-checked. And also, check your older light.
  • Place decorations and outdoor lighting into “GFCI” grounding outlets and be cautious about overload outlets.
  • Use caution when handling extension cords. Avoid tucking cables under carpets or wrapping them tightly around oneself, which might lead to overheating.

Step-by-Step Guide to Christmas Light Installation

Decorating your home or business area is a delightful path to spread cheers to all. At So Clean Home services, it gives value to its customers. Before the Christmas Light Installation, we followed some guidelines.

  • Firstly, we visualise your home or office’s architectural elements, such as windows, Christmas tree and outdoor frame. Then, our team took accurate measurements of the selected area to hang the light.
  • Secondly, we select a light suitable for your exterior and interior. We suggest you choose LED, which is more durable and multi-colour.
  • Before hanging, we check the light to find the wiring issue.
  • So Clean Home Service uses a safety ladder for climbing at the bottom of the surfaces. Also, keep away from electric connections from water sources.
  • Plan the layout of the light, considering the focus point and power source.
  • To secure lights, we use appropriate hooks and clips to surface without causing damage.
  • After installation, we again checked and adjusted the unevenly spaced light.
  • According to your schedule, we program the trimer or smart plug.

Some troubleshooting Advice for DIY Christmas Light installations

  • If any section of your light is not working, check the bulb. Maybe it is broken or damaged.
  • Test each strand before you are ready for installation.
  • Check loose or damaged wiring and fix it immediately.
  • Check the power source of extension cords and plug. Also, avoid overloading the circuit.

Smart Christmas Light Systems

Report control:
For installation, you can use intelligent technology in Christmas light installations. For easy operation, you can use the remote control feature.

Smart Integration:
Integrate your light with the virtual assistant Google, Apple Kits, or Amazon Alexa. You can control it by your voice. Or you can use RGB bright light, which allows you to customise the colour. Some lights are set up with pre-program light effects and animation.

Due to their feature, bright lights may cost more, but their ability to schedule and control your light efficiency leads to long-term energy savings.

Christmas Light Installation Cost Guide

Christmas light installation costs depend on where you install and per foot. For professional Christmas light installation costs, it will take 430$ on average. But At So Clean Home Service provides extra value to their customer if your project is more significant. Outdoor Christmas light installation cost per foot 20 to 300$

A two-story, average-sized home of 2,000 square feet for house Christmas light installation will cost between $400 and $1,000. The installation of holiday lights comes at a hefty price of $1200.

For permanent Christmas light installation, cost saving for your long-term duration. You do not need to visit an outdoor Christmas light installation company every holiday.
For example, you pay 7000$ for a company every holiday whereas a permanent Christmas light takes only 3600$. And you can use it for six to seven years.

Call today for a free estimate.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I had James out the other day to clean my gutters. He answered all the questions I had, got the work done quickly and efficiently at a reasonable price. I will definitely be contacting him again for future services that I require

Heather W.

Maple Ridge, B.C.

I just had SoClean Home Services over to pressure wash concrete driveway and concrete paths as well as remove moss from roof and clean out gutters. James ******, the project manager and his associate did a fantastic job. I couldn’t be more pleased. They went the extra mile and made sure everything was cleaned up. Well worth the cost. My property has not looked so good in years! I am going to hire him to take care of some repairs as well.


Maple Ridge, B.C.

Great job, we have had So Clean do our windows twice and were completely satisfied. We also recommended So Clean to our two son in laws and he did a great job for them too.

Barney S

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Yes. Our price includes material costs and labour costs. So Clean Home Services will cost lights, extensions, cords, hooks and clips, and other accessories. We will give professional labour to install your light perfectly.

We won’t increase our service costs for our regular customers next year. Our price is depending on your home and office type.

Sure, we will hang the lights you’ve already purchased. If the light condition is not OK, you can buy new ones from us at a significant discount.

It depends on the size of your home or office area. The Christmas light installation has to start as early as the last week of October. And it goes through the first week of December. We recommend you begin the installation from the previous week of September.

So Clean Home service install your Christmas light on your property and house. We provide commercial and residential seasonal-based services.

 So Clean Home services lights are different from other companies. We use eco-friendly, energy-efficient light. Secondly, we can meet customer satisfaction and ensure each installation meets the specific line of home and business areas. 

You can handle the Christmas light removal, but it will be a hassle and sometimes cause damage to the light. At So Clean Home Services, we will provide a free comprehensive Christmas light removal service and smooth down all lights after the holiday.

So Clean Home Services is a professional home service, and we can install your own Christmas Lights after having a discussion. It is because of the So Clean Home services team. Ensure safe and aesthetically pleasing installation.

Christmas Light Installation or Removal

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