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We offer a complete solution for your roof gutter by So Clean experienced and trained staff. We provide an effective cleaning by removing debris from the gutter and maintaining water flow. So, call us anytime for your needs!

Need to Find a Gutter Cleaner in Port Coquitlam?

Do you want a reliable Gutter Cleaning Port Coquitlam, BC service? It is crucial to find a reliable cleaning service for roof and gutter cleaning that will provide you with quality gutters cleaning services. So Clean Home Service is one such company that offers you satisfactory Port Coquitlam gutter cleaning solutions.

There are also other service providers available for gutter cleaning Port Coquitlam, but you need to choose one that you can trust. We meet all your needs at So Clean. So, whenever you need contact us or get free quote.

Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Repairs in Port Coquitlam

If you ask yourself what is one of the best gutter cleaning companies in my area, then you should have only one answer, that is So Clean Home Service. We cover areas of British Colombia with our professional gutter cleaning services. In continuation of this we offer gutter washing Port Coquitlam services and we offer everything you need.

Rain gutter cleaning service

So Clean provides rain gutter cleaning service by skilled workers. I realize the need for a deep cleaning after rain. That’s why we ensure an effective cleaning with the right rain gutter cleaner. With the flow of rain water, some debris accumulates in the gutter. That is why rain gutter maintenance is very important. We make this process of cleaning rain gutters easy and the mission is handled by professional staff.

Commercial gutter cleaning

You also need to be aware of commercial buildings like roof gutters of residential buildings. But you can also completely rely on us in the field of commercial gutter cleaning Port Coquitlam. There are several commercial buildings in Port Coquitlam that require professional services for regular gutter cleaning. Along with commercial gutters installation, we also carry out gutter cleaning by experienced cleaners.

Residential Gutter Cleaning

Residential gutter cleaning is an urgent step that is very important during monsoons. Rainwater must flow safely from the roof so that there is no water stagnation and the roof gutters work reliably. Additionally, Port Coquitlam house cleaning services can be contacted to remove any residue or mud that accumulates in the gutters to extend the life of the roof. This reduces roof morbidity and restoration costs while maintaining the roof’s long-term viability.

We have gained a reputation in commercial space as well as house gutter cleaning services. So, call us anytime for a reliable house washing Port Coquitlam.

The Benefits of Professional Gutter Cleaning: Why Hire Experts

The gutter is an important part of any building that should be professionally cleaned. It is true that you can do this yourself but it is not guaranteed how perfect it will be. If you have taken professional gutter cleaning services once then you will understand the difference between DIY and professional approach very clearly. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional:

Effective cleaning

Expert gutter cleaners have experience and the right tools to apply, which makes their work more efficient and faster. This is usually not possible in DIY process.

Professionals are experienced and skilled

It is essential to be skilled and experienced for a professional gutter cleaning job. Expert gutter cleaners know how to properly clean gutters, and overcome and solve problems that you simply cannot do yourself.

Security Assurance

Gutter cleaning does not provide complete safety requirements. This is often required based on height and proper safety equipment. Expert gutter cleaners are properly trained and equipped to ensure safety.

Valuable guide

Experienced gutter cleaners can provide you with valuable guidance on the condition of the gutters and suggest solutions that may be valuable. So, hiring experts for gutter cleaning can really be a primary or highly beneficial option.



we are extremely focused and driven company ,and our overall goal is to always achieved the best outcome for our clients. Get in touch  with us today to see what we can do for you.

Why Choose So Clean for Gutter Cleaning in Port Coquitlam?

So Clean Home Service offers you a reliable gutter cleaning Port Coquitlam BC. Besides, you will find some other good reasons to choose our service. Here are the reasons:

1.We are highly professional

We know your roofs need gutters cleaned and we always maintain high professionalism in our work. Our main goal is to efficiently clean the roof gutter of your residential or commercial building with utmost professionalism.

2. Comprehensive service

Our services are not only limited to gutter cleaning in Port Coquitlam, but our skilled staff are also experienced in gutter installation. Basically, we are aware of any matter related to your gutter.

3.Guaranteed customer satisfaction

As mentioned earlier, we offer gutter cleaning services in other areas besides Port Coquitlam. We have been able to gain the satisfaction and trust of almost all customers because So Clean has always upgraded their service standards and delivered as customers expect.

4.Flexible Cost

Don’t worry about gutter cleaning costs because So Clean gives you an idea of the cost without any hidden charges. Therefore our cleaning services are affordable enough to meet your budget.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I had James out the other day to clean my gutters. He answered all the questions I had, got the work done quickly and efficiently at a reasonable price. I will definitely be contacting him again for future services that I require

Heather W.

Maple Ridge, B.C.

I just had SoClean Home Services over to pressure wash concrete driveway and concrete paths as well as remove moss from roof and clean out gutters. James ******, the project manager and his associate did a fantastic job. I couldn’t be more pleased. They went the extra mile and made sure everything was cleaned up. Well worth the cost. My property has not looked so good in years! I am going to hire him to take care of some repairs as well.


Maple Ridge, B.C.

Great job, we have had So Clean do our windows twice and were completely satisfied. We also recommended So Clean to our two son in laws and he did a great job for them too.

Barney S

Maple Ridge, B.C.


Our window cleaning service costs $ 5$ per window pane and $ 2$ per window screen. For a standard home with around 40 panes on one side. The cost is 200 $ and 400 for exterior and interior cleaning. There is an additional charge of 25$ for approximately 15 screens.

Our window cleaning service includes both interior and exterior cleaning. We hand-clean the windows to ensure a clear and streak-free shine.

As mentioned, for a standard home, the cost of window cleaning is $ 5$ per window pane and $ 2$ per window screen. Both domestic services will cost 400$.

Yes, window cleaning is a time-consuming and potentially dangerous task. Our professional Maple Ridge is well-trained to handle this job efficiently.

We suggest you clean the windows regularly to maintain their appearance and functionality. The frequency depends on factors such as your location, weather, etc.

The frequency of professional window cleaning depends on various factors, including your location. We recommend washing your windows three times a year.

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